Management Fees

We are a fee-only financial planner and investment manager. "Fee-only" means that your advisor receives no other compensation other than the fee you pay.

There are a multitude of financial compensation arrangements available in the financial industry today, however the fee-only arrangement clearly serves the client's best interest. Commission arrangements have a severe inherent conflict of interest. The fee-based arrangement, not to be confused with "fee-only," can be problematic because fee-based advisors still have the option of recommending a commission or fee-based investment. Conflicts can arise when fee-based advisors are faced with competing investment recommendations with differing compensation levels. Additionally, although better for the client than commission-only, the arrangement does not avoid the bias towards those investments that bring higher fees such as equity investments - also known as "equity bias."

Due to our low fee schedule and low-cost investment and index fund philosophy, our asset-based pricing does not differentiate from asset to asset. In other words, our fee does not change whether our clients are invested aggressively in equity or more conservatively in options such as fixed income. We are not bias towards advising clients to invest more aggressively than might be suitable.

Our Fees
Due to our flexible service offerings, our fee structure is set for each client on a case-by-case basis. Generally, our fees start out at 1% and decline to as low as .50% for assets over $1 million. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential screening and immediate fee quote.